What Are The Instructions For The Installation Of The Water Tank?

What are the instructions for the installation of the water tank?

A, tank foundation requirements

The geometric dimension of concrete foundation shall be formulated according to the relevant provisions of GB02S101. Plane height difference of concrete foundation <5mm.

B, stainless steel water tank installation, construction and acceptance

Field welder argon arc welding. Construction site has standard power supply. A maintenance space more than 500mm around the water tank. The appearance test has no rust and no pollution: the water is filled with 2-3H, the box body has no obvious deformation, and the welding seam is free of leakage.

C, water tank use, maintenance and maintenance

When piping, do not apply too much load to the inlet and outlet of the pipe. Do not apply the weight of the valve and the big caliber pipe directly to the water tank nozzle. If necessary, set up the pipe support: the expansion, contraction and vibration of the welded pipe must be fitted with flexible flexible joint.

The pressing stainless steel plate welding water tank adopts the stainless steel plate to punch out the reinforcing rib, and uses the stainless steel welding strip to weld integrally. The structure is simple, the intensity is good, can manufacture the large capacity water tank. Because the box is made of stainless steel plate welded, completely blocked the sunlight, so do not breed algae. Keep the water clean all the time.

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