What's The History Of Beer Fermentation Equipment?

What's the history of beer fermentation equipment?

The first phase: before 1900, it was the embryonic form of modern fermentor, which had simple temperature and heat exchange instruments.

The second stage: 1900-1940 years, the 200m3 steel fermentation tank, in the yeast yeast fermentation tank began to use air distributor, mechanical agitation began to be used in small fermenter.

Beer fermentation equipment third stage: 1940-1960, mechanical agitation, ventilation, aseptic operation and pure culture and a series of technical improvement has been started, parameter detection and control of the fermentation process, the pH electrode and the oxygen electrode of continuous determination of resistance to online steam sterilization, start fermentation process control computer. The separation and purification equipment of fermented products is gradually commercialized.

The fourth stage: 1960-1979 years, the volume of the mechanical agitation aeration fermentor is increased to 80-150m3. Because of the need for mass production of single celled proteins, a pressure cycle and pressure injection fermenter has been developed that can overcome some of the gas exchange and heat exchange problems. Computers have been widely used in the fermentation industry.

The fifth stage: 1979 to present. With the rapid development of bioengineering and technology, new problems have been raised for the fermentation industry. Thus, large-scale cell culture fermenter emerged, and insulin, interferon and other genetic engineering products onto the commercialization.

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