Why Do The Homemade Brewery Equipmens Need A Long Saccharification Time

  Why do the homemade Brewery Equipmens need a long saccharification time

  The addition of enzymes means that malt dosage is less than 50%, generally 20%-30%. The use of some barley, rice or corn double accessories can be used in the saccharification pot or gelatinization pot to add a proper amount of enzyme preparation to accelerate the decomposition of wort preparation method. Brewery Equipmens This method can greatly reduce the cost of raw materials, the quality of beer brewing is similar to that of normal beer. Using the addition enzyme saccharification method, in the case of better malt quality, the proportion of excipients can be further improved, the cost of one production is reduced, and the utilization ratio of raw materials is improved. In the case of poor malt quality, the source of the liquefaction enzyme, which is used as an excipient instead of malt as an additive, can be applied to improve the saccharification Barley crushing methods, some use 50 degrees Celsius hot water immersion 10-20 minutes, suction water 25% or so after the wet method to crush. Some adopt the roll-type crushing, large wheat grain flattening, splitting, wheat skin basic intact, fine powder. Some people use rice Pulverizer to peel and then crush.

  Why do the homemade Brewery Equipmens need a long saccharification time

  The use of barley instead of malt should add glucose enzymes, amylase and protein decomposition enzymes to ensure the normal saccharification. The method of adding the enzyme preparation is that the saccharification pot and the pasting pot add water before the material, and the stirring side will add the enzyme preparation to the saccharification pot, adding the finished, stirring for several minutes, and then blanking. Saccharification end, malt filtration in 120min to complete the composition of malt juice to meet the requirements. Brewery Equipmens Saccharification time is a value that reflects the activity of malt containing а-amylase. It is in the "standard agreement saccharification" assay, when the maltose liquid temperature to 70 degrees Celsius, and iodine liquid reaction from blue to iodine solution to the primary color of the time required. The shorter the saccharification time, the higher the activity of malt containing а-amylase. Good quality malt, saccharification time requirements within 10min. The reasons for the long saccharification time are as follows.

  1. The raw barley embryo activity is weak, Brewery Equipmens the germination start speed is slow, causes the malt amylase formation speed and the quantity is few, causes the saccharification time to be long. Improper process conditions (such as low water temperature, low ventilation intensity, short stirring time and few times) will also result in absolute quantity of amylase and long saccharification time.

  2. The germination process can not maintain the grain moisture content, affecting the adaptability of enzymes, not only the endosperm dissolution is poor, but the number of enzymes are also low, resulting in a long saccharification time.

  3. Dehydration speed is not up to the requirements, Brewery Equipmens in the case of higher malt moisture content into the baking process, the baking temperature and high caused the content of the system and the activity is constrained, passivation, so that the saccharification time is long.