Wine Making Equipment

Fu Yin Di mechanical equipment mainly engaged in wine, its characteristics are:

1. "new technology" compared to traditional wine-making process, technology and equipment more advanced, wine and liquor quality and greatly improved. Raw lees high protein content, richer nutrition, not only can quickly promote the growth of pigs, but also improve the pig's meat. In this case,

2.Adopt advanced wine making equipment:

(1) Equipment Material: 8K304 edible mirror stainless steel production, high temperature acid and alkali.

(2) energy saving: three-dimensional heating, than the traditional wine-making equipment to save more than 1/3 of the fuel costs.

(3) cycle of production: continuous cooking several times to shorten the time of steaming wine, save manpower.

(4) a high rate of wine: production than traditional wine more 20% -40%.

(5) to enhance wine quality: no paste pot, with string steaming function, can make a variety of wine taste.

(6) Unique design: large water level mirror, configuration barometer, the first self-test equipment.