Professional Beer Brewing Equipment

Professional Beer Brewing Equipment
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Product name

Professional beer brewing equipment

Product introduction

The whole beer equipment is consisted of mash system, fermentation system,refrigeration system, control system and CIP cleaning system. The tank of the system all adopts S.S 304,and the system also have high automatic control capacity.

Simple operation, PLC automatic control system , PLC semi-automatic control system.

Equipments characteristics: small investment, quick effectiveness, high quality, lower prices, the investment repayment is fast, the service life of equipment is long, easy operation, lower cost, strong technical force.

At the same time if you have requirements,we could design and produce the products you need!

Product accessories advantages:

1. Complete and new accessories.

2. All kinds of our accessories adopt first-class brand products.

3. All the parts are long life, high performance, high-quality, low-loss.

4. Stainless steel fittings materials are all adopt SUS304/316, applicable beer equipment to ensure the safety of food grade.

5. All the electrical accessories reach CE export standards.

6 .Each accessory roles in the whole equipment system, supporting reliable.

7. Stable quality, superior performance, strict quality control.