Rectangular Stainless Steel Tanks

Rectangular Stainless Steel Tanks
Product Details

Product description:

This Rectangular Stainless Steel Tank is a stable and sealed tank. It is convenient, compact and beautiful in appearance. Its sealed design keeps the product in a non-polluting and sterile environment, keeping the finished product in good quality. Its structure is vertical or horizontal, so customers can choose the product structure that suits their needs. Its jacket types are filled jackets, full jackets or coil jackets. Rectangular Stainless Steel Tank can be used according to heating or cooling requirements, and the tank will have a jacket to meet the requirements. It is surface treated by mirror polishing or matte polishing or pickling and pickling or 2B. This Rectangular Stainless Steel Tank can be used in wine, beer juice and beverage medicine biotechnology and laboratory medical and medical device chemical industry coatings industry.

Product specifications:

Structure: single-layer container, jacketed container, jacketed and insulated container

Standard components: manhole, viewing mirror, cleaning ball

Optional components: exhaust filter, temperature. The meter is displayed on the meter directly on the container

Temperature sensor PT100, digital display by the instrument on the control cabinet

Temperature sensor with heating and cooling control level gauge with digital

Display on the control cabinet via the instrument load cell valve

Material: SS304 or SS316L or duplex stainless steel or 904L

Design pressure: -1 -10 bar (g) or ATM B9

Working temperature: 0-200 °C

Volume: 100~30000L

Structure: vertical or horizontal

Single layer, 3mm