Stainless Steel Cone Bottom Tanks

Stainless Steel Cone Bottom Tanks
Product Details

Product name

stainless steel cone bottom tanks

Product details

Processing: Fermenting Equipment

Condition: New

Place of Origin:  China (Mainland)

Processing Type: Alcohol

Power(W): 15-70Kw Depends on size

Weight: Various in Defferent Models

Certification: CE ISO TUV

Product description

The stainless steel cone bottom tanks sets the highest standard in quality design and components. Engineered to be extremely easy to clean and maintain. All tank, fluid and air fittings/hose are connected with "Cam Locks" . System can be disassembled is less the 2 minutes, cleaned in 3-5 minutes and reassembled and ready for use in less then 10 minutes. The Cyclone use an air pump to increase oxygen content of the water to over 8.3 PPM in less then 15 minutes and is powerful enough to maintain the high oxygen levels needed throughout the entire brew cycle. The whirlpool / recycle design combined with the cone shape bottom tank make the Cyclone an excellent nutrient blender. Suitable for liquid and granular products. 

No more brewing with extract! this mash tun and false bottom combination is the perfect way to get into all grain brewing. The oversized 11.5 gallon cooler will allow you to create some big beers and the crosshatch designed filtration allows for optimal sugar Extraction with minimal fall through. No stuck sparge with this setup.