124Gallon(4BBL) Stainless Steel Fermentation Tanks

Product Details

Product description:

This 124Gallon(4BBL) Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank has a perfect polished outer shell structure. Its internal seams blend smoothly. It is a standard shaped pressure vessel. It has a tapered outer casing. It is equipped with a safety overpressure valve that is often used in conjunction with a safety negative pressure valve that protects the fuel tank from damage due to negative pressure in the fuel tank. In larger tanks, the safety overpressure valve and the safety vacuum valve act as separate armatures. 124Gallon(4BBL) Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank has a special lockable door located on the side or top of the tank for viewing the inside of the tank for assembly and disassembly of the internal armature for adding some ingredients. When the door is opened inside, the water tank is tilted in the horizontal position, and the person outside the door can be opened. Part of 124Gallon(4BBL) Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank's sidewalk is an elastic or silicone seal, a closing screw and a special hinge with a dump arm. The producer guarantees that the pressure resistance of the sidewalk and the door is at least equal to or higher than that of the beer can.


Capacity: 4bbl(+25% Headspace minimum)



Pressure :Atmospheric

Accessories: butterfly valve 

Interior Finish: Overall polishing to 0.4~0.6 μm without dead corner 

Inltet and outlet 

Four layer 

Thickness:2MM for exterior shell, 80mm rock wood for insulations ,steam jacket , 3mm for interior jacket 

Mirror polished 

Conical bottom with tri-clamp top

Dished head and 60 degree cone bottom

Packing & Shipping

*Wooden/Veneer case for LCL

*Plastic film wrapped and iron frame fixing for FCL