Stainless Steel Wine Fermentation Tanks

Stainless Steel Wine Fermentation Tanks
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Product description:

1. Stainless Steel Wine Fermentation Tank allows the yarn to be located at the bottom of the cone for easy discharge during production. It requires the use of condensed yeast. It has a cooling device that facilitates fermentation temperature control. This product makes production easy to control, shortens the fermentation cycle, has fewer opportunities to contact bacteria, and has a consistent beer quality. If there is an insulation device outside the tank, the tank can be placed outdoors, reducing construction investment, saving area and facilitating expansion. It uses a closed tank for CO2 cleaning and CO2 recovery, as well as processing fermentation under a certain pressure.

2. In order to be used as a fermenter, Stainless Steel Wine Fermentation Tank can also be used as a wine storage tank. It can also store fermentation and wine in a tank called a tank of fermentation. Due to the liquid height (ie, the formation density gradient), the fermentation broth in the tank produces a CO2 gradient. This product can be controlled by cooling to make the natural convection of the fermentation liquid, the higher the tank, the stronger the convection. However, due to strong convection, the yeast fermentation capacity is enhanced, the fermentation speed is accelerated, and the fermentation cycle is shortened. The fermenter can be controlled by instrument or microcomputer, which is convenient for operation and management. Conical tanks are suitable for top and bottom fermentation. Stainless Steel Wine Fermentation Tank can be equipped with a CIP cleaning device for easy cleaning. Its tank capacity can be customized from 100L to 10000L.