Stainless Steel Wine Storage Tank

Stainless Steel Wine Storage Tank
Product Details

Product description:

This Stainless Steel Wine Storage Tank can be widely used in food, dairy products, juice drinks, chemical processes and so on. It uses a single layer, double layer, three layer insulation jacket. It is made of food grade sanitary stainless steel. Its user-friendly structure makes this Stainless Steel Wine Storage Tank easy to operate. Its water tank inner wall transition zone uses a curved transition to ensure no sanitary corners. This product can quickly open a manhole. It is suitable for all types of CIP cleaners. It has a hygienic breathing mask that prevents flies and insects. It can be used with an adjustable triangle bracket. Level gauges and lever controllers are available upon request. Stainless Steel Wine Storage Tank has a fade resistant board.

Product specifications:

1.Material: SS304 or SS316 
2.Storage liquid, food etc. 
3.Single-layer; 3-layer 
4.Easy to operate 
5.Type: vertical /horizon

2)Applied: Widely applied in the beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and process industries, etc,

3)Tank shell thickness: 3mm at least (according to the design or your required)

4)General accessories

Manhole, CIP spray ball, breather valve, sight glass,

5)Agitator types:

without agitator; wing agitator; anchor type; propeller type; frame type