Steam Jacketed Kettle Accessories

Steam Jacketed Kettle Accessories
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Product description:

This Steam Jacketed Kettle Accessories is also known as steam pot, cooking kettle and so on. It is generally composed of a kettle body and a support arm made of SUS304 / 316L. It is widely used in food processing, large restaurant cooking and more. It can effectively improve food quality, shorten time and improve working environment. It can be heated by a gas burner, direct steam or electric. The agitator of this product can also be supplied with propellers, bolts or frames according to the special requirements of the customer. Steam Jacketed Kettle Accessories is the ideal cookware for all types of sauces, jams, candies, etc. The cooking temperature can be adjusted from very low to high as needed. This can achieve the cooking effect and saucepan usually obtained with a kettle and pan. Its hemispherical bottom and automatic mixing system ensure a perfect blend of products during cooking. The function of the mixing arm can be programmed to be continuous or change operation, and the speed can be adjusted according to the recipe used. The agitator constantly stirs the basic and added ingredients to prevent the heavier ingredients from falling to the bottom of the kettle, ensuring perfect and uniform cooking. Its agitator can also quickly discharge the product through special valves or through an automatic tilting cooking kettle. This Steam Jacketed Kettle Accessories is easy to clean and very rugged and reliable. The mixer excels in both product output and product quality.

Product details:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Type: Cooking equipment

Application: food processing

Heating method: gas heating / steam heating

Certificate: CE / ISO9001

Treatment: mirror polish outer shell and inner shell